Fellowes Pulsar 300+ Binding Machine

////Fellowes Pulsar 300+ Binding Machine

Fellowes Pulsar 300+ Binding Machine

Explore the Fellowes Pulsar 300+, a cutting-edge solution for your office needs in the vibrant cities of the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, and Al Ain. Obtain detailed information on pricing, specifications, and essential accessories such as Binging machine, shredder machine, toner, drum unit, developer unit, and fuser unit. Elevate your printing experience with high-quality outputs, flexible paper handling, and embedded AI features. Access the official website for printer driver downloads and comprehensive brochures. Enhance your office productivity with the Fellowes Pulsar 300+ , tailored to meet the demands of dynamic business environments in the United Arab Emirates.

Brand : Fellowes

Model :Fellowes Pulsar 300+

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It seems like you’re describing the features of a manual comb binding machine. Here’s a breakdown of the key features:

(Fellowes Pulsar 300+ Comb Binding Machine) Specification :

  1. Punching Capacity:
    • Capable of punching up to 15 A4 80g sheets at a time. This feature indicates the number of sheets the machine can punch in a single operation.
  2. Binding Capacity:
    • Able to bind up to 300 A4 80g sheets. This specification represents the maximum capacity of the bound document.
  3. Maximum Comb Size:
    • Supports a maximum comb size of 38mm. This refers to the diameter or thickness of the comb that can be used for binding.
  4. Comb Storage Tray:
    • Includes a comb storage tray, providing a convenient and organized way to store comb elements.
  5. Comb Diameter Selector:
    • Features a comb diameter selector, allowing users to choose the appropriate comb size for their specific document thickness.
  6. All-Metal Mechanism:
    • Boasts an all-metal mechanism, ensuring durability and longevity of the binding machine.
  7. User-Friendly:
    • Designed to be user-friendly, implying that the machine is easy to operate and navigate for users with varying levels of experience.

These features collectively make the manual comb binding machine suitable for handling moderate-sized binding tasks with a focus on durability, user-friendliness, and flexibility in terms of comb sizes.